Our Chapter

Golden Key National Honor Society was founded by a group of undergraduate students and faculty members at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 29, 1977. In 2001, the society modified its name to Golden Key International Honour Society to reflect its diversity and global presence. The spelling of “Honour” was utilized to observe the more globally accepted spelling.

Honor societies have been recognized by universities in the United States for more than two centuries. The primary role of an honor society includes providing academic recognition to high-achieving students and establishing professional and social contacts for these students within a network of universities. Honor societies also bring together students from diverse faculties and degree programs within each university and reinforce students’ interaction with university staff.

Golden Key membership has grown to a very large network of over 1.8 million members from over 150 countries. Members include students from all over the world, faculty members, university staff, university presidents, teachers, doctors, engineers, social workers, entrepreneurs, politicians, military leaders, and many more. There are also many prominent figures who are members.

Golden Key is governed by:

  1. Board of Directors (consisting of college/university presidents and vice presidents, higher education leaders, corporate leaders, Golden Key student and alumni members and founding members)
  2. International Leadership Council (president, vice president, secretary, alumni member and student member, elected by chapter voting delegates)
  3. Council of Advisors (one advisor serves as a member of the Council of Advisors for each region)
  4. Council of Student Members (one student member serves as a member of the Council of Student Members for each region)

Our Advisor

Ayesha Mian

I serve as the Associate Director for the UF Innovation Academy. I have been at UF for 6 years now and am thrilled to be part of Golden Key. I myself was inducted at my Alma Mater, University of Arizona and was involved during my graduate tenure at Kansas State University. I love working in the area of Student Affairs and have had experience working with a diverse student body from all over the US and the world. This is such a wonderful opportunity for all students and such an honour to be recognized by your peers, the university and the Golden Key organization.
I am originally from Pakistan, and have spent several years in Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates. I Speak Urdu, Hindi, English and when I am not working I love to spend time with my husband Azfar and my girls Noor and Rania.