How to Join

You should have received an invitation to join Golden Key, which included an online Membership Invitation Acceptance Code.
You will need this invitation code to begin the online join process.
The code looks something like this – UCODE-ABCDEFGH-XYZ.

All eligible students that want to complete the join process online should
click on the “JOIN NOW” link on the top left of this page. Enter your
code in the 3 blocks on the Join Now screen, complete the form
and SAVE your information. (If on first attempt with your code the screen errors, reload the join screen and re-enter the code.)

After online payment, you should receive a Payment Receipt email, and then a confirmation email with your log in details. Contact your regional office if you have not received these within 48 hours. Please note: not applicable to South African members.

If you are attending a New Member Recognition Event, you should RSVP (confirm your attendance) using the link in your confirmation email (unless you are at a Canadian chapter, then you will receive an email directly from the chapter leaders hosting the event at a later date). Alternatively you can sign in, and under My Chapter, you can locate an upcoming event and RSVP/register for the event.

*South African invitees – *Please RSVP at the link as indicated in your invitation letter. Also download instructions here.
*Vietnam invitees – refer to payment process below

If you are NOT attending an event, or are not able to attend on the night, your certificate (or membership card if you are at a Canadian chapter) will be mailed to you. In the U.S., certificates must be requested through Member Services and will take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Please note that certificates and merchandise orders are delivered separately. In South Africa, certificates will be made available to collect on campus afterwhich it will posted to the postal address provided on your profile.